Delivering performance improvements through greater optimization effectiveness.

The Challenge

With industry acceptance that click through rate is not a real measure of a campaign’s true value, to attract brands online there is a need to offer success metrics relevant to brand marketers.

The Solution

For Forbes, one of the world’s most trusted and recognized business media brands, performance metrics were becoming less relevant for its advertisers, while the new engagement metrics were becoming increasingly important. As a premium publisher offering a premium audience, Forbes saw the ability to optimize and deliver results for its advertisers against engagement metrics as a huge differentiator in the marketplace.

To enhance its advertising portfolio, Forbes embraced the IAB Rising Stars ad formats and wanted to test if these provided brands with more effective advertising opportunities. Working with brand intelligence company Moat, Forbes was able to report on the key metrics brand marketers required to determine campaign success. However, they wanted to go beyond providing just insight and deliver real value to their advertisers. As a result, they used Maxifier’s ADMAX optimization platform to deliver actionable optimization recommendations around the branding metrics, allowing Forbes to implement these and ensure its advertisers’ brand goals were met.

The Results

ADMAX helped deliver real performance improvements. Forbes was able to demonstrate a 25 percent uplift in interaction rate while also delivering a 16 percent increase in viewable impressions. By delivering enhanced performance for its advertisers, Forbes was able to increase its value to its brand clients and ultimately increase the return on their advertising investment.