Automation secures high performance and scalable ad operations for Outreach

Automating Ad operations and securing high performance with Maxifier

The Challenge

Outreach Media Group, part of Outreach, Inc., the largest church communication company in the world, connects over 70 advertisers with an audience of about 2 million church leaders and 2-4 million influencers monthly.

Clicks delivery and the click-through rate are key for most of the advertisers working with Outreach Media. Given the unique nature of  the advertising campaigns in the network, delivering high KPIs won’t be possible without the individual approach and extra attention to each and every campaign.

With an ad network volume of up to 90 million  ad impressions per month and limited resources in their Ad Operations team, it was extremely challenging for Outreach Media to manually track all the campaigns and take timely actions to maintain optimal performance.

The Solution

Outreach Media first integrated Maxifier platform with its ad server late 2015. After a few successful A/B tests and the training phase where the users actively worked with the system, Maxifier was set to automatically optimize the ad campaigns across the network. This significantly reduced the time spent by the Ad Operations team on managing their campaigns.

In September 2017, Maxifier supported Outreach Media’s transition to a different ad server. The re-implementation was completed within three weeks, ensuring that the advertising campaigns transferred to the new ad server receive the same level of attention and deliver high performance from day one.

The Results

With Maxifier, Outreach Media’s team has been able to scale the optimization without creating any extra workload for the Ad Operations team:

  • Maxifier touches about 500 ad campaigns monthly, that accounts for almost a half of the total ad impressions in the network;
  • Throughout a month, the platform pushes around 2,500 optimization changes, 90% of which are applied in automatic mode – adjusting the campaigns’ settings based on the performance at the time when it is needed;
  • The managed optimization features of the platform help AdOps make well-informed decisions faster when applying manual changes.

During more than three years of the partnership, Maxifier has delivered an average of 27% CTR uplift every month, with selected campaigns reaching up to 200% CTR improvement.

Along with performance results, we greatly appreciate the scalability of Maxifier’s auto-optimization. There is simply no way for us to make these basic adjustments manually on a daily basis.
Lara Whelan, Outreach Media’s Ad Traffic Manager

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