Case Studies

Here are some selected case studies.

Outreach Media Group automates Ad Operations and secures high performance with Maxifier.

With an ad network volume of up to 90 million ad impressions per month and limited resources in their Ad Operations team, it was extremely challenging for Outreach Media to manually track all the campaigns and take timely actions to maintain optimal performance. With Maxifier, Outreach Media’s team has been able to scale the optimization without creating any extra workload for the Ad Operations team and achieve significant performance improvements for the click-based campaign.

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Forbes worked with Maxifier to optimize and deliver real uplift around viewability for brand campaigns.

With a growing acceptance in the industry that click through rate is not a real measure of a campaign’s true value, to attract brand dollars online there is a need now to offer success metrics relevant to brand marketers. For Forbes, one of the world’s most trusted and recognized business media brands, the traditional online direct response metrics were becoming less relevant for its advertisers, while the new engagement and viewability metrics were becoming increasingly important.

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Ameba delivers improved display and mobile advertising performance by working with Maxifier.

With more than 1,000 campaigns running on Ameba every month, and with hundreds of campaigns starting and ending every week, a great deal of time and resource was needed to manage this. In addition, as the campaigns were managed using Excel, it was very difficult to understand how each was progressing, forecast performance in a precise and efficient manner, have an insight into what changes to implement if there were performance issues and how these would impact other campaigns. Cyber Agent wanted to address this situation to ensure every campaign, both display and mobile, reached its delivery goal, while also making maximum use of Ameba’s rich content and audience data to drive greater performance for its advertisers, for example by generating higher CTRs.

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