Why Maxifier?

Maxifier enables media companies to unlock and maximize the value of their premium inventory, remove the complexities associated with selling online advertising, and remain relevant to their advertisers in this rapidly changing environment. Bringing benefits both to the commercial and operational sides of your business, it can deliver improvements to revenues and efficiencies.


Maxifier is a cloud based machine learning platform for ad campaign optimization. The platform takes data from the ad server and the SSP/DSP, performs algorithmic optimization and feeds it back to the ad server to deliver improved advertiser KPIs.

The process automates time consuming ad operations tasks at scale, while providing transparency, insight and control.

Commercial Benefits

Deliver the best of the best

Using your premium inventory at its best is the key to higher revenue - and performance improvements here can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.

At Maxifier, we agree that premium inventory should be handled with care. Our AI and Machine Learning algorithms will treat each ad campaign uniquely, fine-tuning it on-the-fly to achieve greater performance on your key metrics. CTR, viewability, conversions or cost-efficiency - whatever your success criteria are, the results improve with Maxifier.

Scale it smart

Manual performance optimization is very time-consuming, not scalable, and also a boring task. Your AdOps team is better than this. Free up their time for generating strategic ideas - and enjoy new smart solutions coming in, while Maxifier takes care of the routine part and provides steady performance improvements in the background.

Network-wide. Efficient. Flawless.

On top of the market

Proven results of employing Maxifier AI algorithms, accompanied by a scalable yet deeply individual approach, give you a competitive advantage when pursuing new advertiser contacts. Total transparency of Maxifier’s optimization grows trust and contributes to advertiser retention, ensuring you stay among the top players in the market.

Operational Benefits

Data in the heart of actions

Collecting the right data and monitoring ad campaigns in-flight is no longer a challenge. Drawing the right conclusions and taking relevant and timely actions is a more advanced task.

Maxifier’s data-driven suggestions, coming together with impact forecast and post-optimization tracking, ensure that your ad campaigns deliver towards their performance goals - and you never miss an improvement opportunity or overlook a potential risk.

No black boxes. No unexpected results. You have full control.

Network scale, individual touch

In ad networks, there are a lot of variables at play; no ad campaign is the same - and unique cases deserve a unique approach.

Maxifier employs the AI algorithms that consider the overall network health along with each individual campaign’s delivery, objectives, and settings - all aimed at helping you with well-informed decisions to achieve greater performance, and easily scale the optimization up to the whole network.

Hands-on or hands-off - you decide

Looking for a solution to free up your time for strategic tasks, like developing new advertising products or identifying new opportunities? - Maxifier will take care of your daily optimization and reporting routines: sit back, relax and watch the technology in action.

Still need full control of the changes made to your network? - Review the pre-calculated optimization suggestions and push the approved changes to your ad server directly from Maxifier UI.

Easy implementation

Maxifier plugs directly into your ad server: no tags or pixels needed on your sites. You won’t waste a second on technical implementation and maintenance - it’s all been taken care of.



Maxifier client - BlogHer logo

The company is now saving 20% of the time that ad traffickers used to spend doing manual optimization. Now Maxifier makes recommendations to our ad trafficking team and they just have to say yes or no. This frees up time on the part of the team to focus on higher-value activities on behalf of BlogHer advertisers.

Debbie Wogan

Chief Revenue Officer, BlogHer


For us at leboncoin, Maxifier is a very productive tool. It significantly reduces our operational time - we get all the required information instantly, and only spend a few seconds on making decisions and changes. In addition to the time savings, we appreciate that we can easily set target KPIs for Maxifier optimization based on our advertisers’ needs. It allows us to quickly achieve results and deliver on agreed metrics.

Franck Pantel

Director of Operations

Maxifier client - Manageo

We consider Maxifier as a very efficient dashboard that brings together all our campaigns and their metrics. The visual representation of the data helps us easily track delivery, margin, and performance - all to make informed decisions and act quickly, adjusting campaigns’ settings via widgets or with the help of machine learning recommendations.

Adrien L’hostis

Head of Media Trading & Online, Manageo

Maxifier partner - Moat logo

Allowing a publisher to use the power of our data and then take immediate actions to improve viewability campaigns is beneficial to both the publisher and advertiser. Enhancing our relationship with Maxifier to ensure viewability can be action-orientated will help to drive success for all parts of the market.

Jonah Goodhart

CEO and Co-Founder, Moat

Maxifier client - Bauer logo

Ad Operations has significantly improved because ADMAX gives greater clarity on campaign performance, forecasting and for the first time an ability to do ‘what if’ campaign analysis.

Bauer Media

Group Operations Director